Aaaha Kalyanam is a wedding planner based in the UK, specializing in ethnic Indian style weddings. I was tasked with designing a MASCOT LOGO - as a married couple which will inturn form a brand identity for their wedding related event management company .
This process was interesting because it evolved differently to how I expected and the end result is not what I had originally envisioned. At each stage, the client’s feedback and input helped me to change course and iterate accordingly.
I was initially wanting to create an abstract and minimalistic logo with 1-2 elements that connected it to Indian weddings. However, the client leaned towards a more self-explanatory logo and after a few iterations, we ended up with a modified and stylized cute couple of an Indian bride and groom.
We also ended up selecting bright contrasting colors and floral adornments to bound the logo. You can see some of the evolution of thought below. 
Overall, what I took away from this engagement is the importance of intelligently marrying your approach and aesthetic sense as a designer with the requirements and desires of the client.
Detailed Sketches Exploration
Rough Outline Sketches of Bride and Groom
Color Variation of the saree for the bride 
​​​​​​​Visualization - logo

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